Why Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is available at Fluent Chiropractic Clinic by appointment, Monday through Saturday. Massage therapy aids your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Our licensed massage therapists concentrate on the major systems of your body, including the muscular, nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems, resulting in stress reduction, improved circulation, and decreased recovery time. Used in conjunction with our gentle chiropractic care, massage therapy helps reduce headaches and muscle tension, improves range of motion and circulation, and promotes recovery from injury.

Enhance your total wellbeing

Unmanaged stress can take a serious toll on your immune system, draining your energy and make you moody and depressed. Regular massage therapy appointments can have a lasting, positive impact on your life by reducing or preventing:

  • Heart Disease
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Memory Loss
  • Depression and Anxiety

What to Expect

Massages appointments are available in 30-minute or 60-minute sessions. The most important thing to remember is that your massage therapy session is all about YOU! Your comfort is a critical component of massage therapy’s success. Your input and feedback are important! During your session, if you have questions or concerns, please inform the massage therapist. Following your massage therapy appointment, please drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps flush out the toxins released during your session.

Meet the Staff

With their combined 30 years of experience, Dr. Troy Fluent and Dr. Roni Miller have been helping people of all ages in the Siouxland region live healthier with quality, affordable, and effective chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Care

A healthy spine results in a reduction of pain throughout the body, increased energy, and a healthier immune system. Fluent Chiropractic will develop an individualized care plan that is as unique as you are.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can help reduce pain and inflammation, increase range of motion, reduce stress, rehabilitate auto accident or work-related injuries, and improve overall health.

Contact Us

Fluent Chiropractic will get you back on track. Contact our office for an appointment today!


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Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm
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*Lunch hour daily for Dr. Fluent and Dr. Miller from 12:00 noon-1:30 pm, EXCEPT on Fridays when Dr. Miller works through her lunch hour


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